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“The Hands and Feet of Jesus…”

This precious little Haitian girl is from the village of Manacou, where we recently went, for a feeding program. Notice her red, straw-like hair, which is a sign of malnutrition. She and the other children of this village and many other villages will wake up today, not knowing if they will eat one meal or not. And it won’t be a big “meal,” like you have at your home. A “meal” may consist of a handful of white rice or a piece of corn if they are fortunate…but many times, their “meal” may be saltwater or a “mud cookie.”

Food shortage is worse every day in Haiti because the country is in crisis. Gangs have taken over many parts of Haiti, so mothers cannot sell their few items to make a living. Fathers still plunge a huge hoe (called a wou) into dry gardens, trying to scrape out a few vegetables.

The poor of Haiti suffer the most. That is why the Lord has laid it upon our hearts to feed the hungry. Whatever we do to feed the poor goes a long way. Your small gift may be the answer to a mother’s prayer today. Remember, you are the “hands and feet of Jesus.” God bless you and keep you!!!

Thank you for your help!!

Bobby and Sherry


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