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Jean Richard Rises Above

It is very difficult for the poor in Haiti to survive, but it is even more difficult for a person with a disability. They are considered “worthless,” and many times they sink into despair. When the 2010 earthquake hit, it damaged and destroyed orphanages. One of these was for handicapped children. A few days after the earthquake, Jean Richard came to live with us.

He graduated from High School, but during that time he fell in love with music and church! We recently sent him to college because he wanted to study economics, but that was not his dream. His dream was to go to a college in Haiti where he could further his music career and computer science. He had found that college run by a Pastor and he is so, so happy!

Take a moment to read his email. Sometimes, we never know how big a grain of mustard seed, really is.

“Hello, Mom and Daddy,
I hope you are well with Jesus. To begin with, I would like to tell you that the new school I looked for, is very good. I could sleep there and study there. It will last two years, in which I will study music and computer science.
I don’t do this enough and sometimes I don’t do anything to thank you and my sponsors for the patience and love you have given me. You and friends pay for my school thanks to God. Thanks to God for putting me on my path because it is difficult for a person with a disability in Haiti to be useful to yourself. But it is the grace of God that gives us health and you play a strong roll that can move me forward in life so that I can be useful to God and to Love A Child.
Thank you, Mom and Dad.”

Missionary Sherry Burnette

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