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Jesus Healing Center Update

Here are a few pictures of our Jesus Healing Center taken yesterday. Everyone is working hard! By faith and if all goes well, we are hoping to move into our new clinic by the end of October!

About 95% of our medical personnel do not live here in Fond Parisien, where our clinic is. Each time the staff goes back and forth, they risk their lives due to the gangs, and I believe only one person owns a car, which is why they all stay here during the week.

Each day, we see such horrible cases in the old Jesus Healing Center clinic. Poor mothers come carrying sick children, with no money and no food. We have seen such horrible things in the ER that make us appreciate our doctors, nurses, and clinic so much! The new Jesus Healing Center will help so many more poor people and children.

I’m just sharing with you, so we can pray together that the money will come, and the Lord will bless everyone who gives. Jesus said in Matthew 25:40 that when we help the hungry, the thirsty, the stranger, the naked, the sick, or those in prison, we are doing it unto Jesus Himself! This is a powerful scripture from the word of God.

Thank you for all of your help.

Bobby and Sherry Burnette

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