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Julianne… a Long Ways From a Mud Hut

We began our Orphanage many years ago with four children from L’Artibonite, Haiti. We had built a school in this very poor area and often had Mobile Clinics. One day, a person came and told me that a lady was dying… When I went to see her, she was near death. Her husband had died and she had four children… Barry, Sheline (tallest girl), Julianne (next to the smallest girl), and Jonise, (the smaller girl). I was so scared that the mother would die, I gave the woman anything I could think of as far as medication… but I knew the truth, she would die.

We left the village but came back in a short time… and the whole village was standing and looking at us, saying, “You need to take these four children. No one here has food for them… If you don’t take them, they will die. It will be your fault!” We put the four children in our truck, (they had never ridden in a car or truck before), and the “white people” took off with them.

That’s how we started our Orphanage… When Julianne was older, she helped me in our Mobile Clinics. She had the “gift” in her hands… We sent her to a very good Medical College in Port-au-Prince, but the gangs were on the streets at night. One night, as she was coming home to Fond Parisien, she saw a guy on a moto shot and killed right in front of her. She could not sleep at night…

She left this life behind because she was so afraid of the gangs. That was about a year and a half ago… She is now engaged, in the States, and working her way to becoming an RN. She’s come a long ways from that mud hut in Haiti. She will be a great RN because she has so much compassion. We are so proud of her.


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