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Kidney “Ti Pikan” Loves Working at the Radio Station!

This is Kidney. The kids gave him a nickname of “Ti Pikan” or “Little Thorn.” Kidney, like so many of our children, lost his mother when he was very young. His uncle brought him and his brother to our orphanage and asked if we would take them in. And, yes, we did. Kidney had malnutrition and clung closely to his brother. But in time, he learned he was in a place of blessing!

Kidney has finished school with high marks. He helps us with anything we need, but we found out that his love is the Love A Child Radio Station! He does a lot of the work on the “board,” keeping the programs going. He is responsible for day-to-day operations where needed, under Frank, who is the manager. Kidney opens and closes the radio station and keeps it spotless. He really loves this work!!! No telling where this will lead him, but for right now, we depend on Kidney so much!! We all love Kidney!

As you hear the stories of these children, you see that many of them or half of them, are children whose mothers died during or right after childbirth! This is why our Birthing Center is so important. If we don’t save the lives of these poor mothers, there will be more orphans. Thank you, partners, who sponsored this wonderful blessing for the poor mothers. Sherry

P.S. I see Kidney now- healthy, confident, knowing that he is loved, and God is on his side!

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