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Latest News from our Jesus Healing Center: 3-16-19 10:45 AM

Each day we have hundreds of patients coming to our Jesus Healing Center. Many of these are children and babies.

This is seven-month-old Louise Louis. She was brought to our clinic by her mother, who lives in Fond Parisien. Louise has severe kwashiorkor malnutrition, which causes her to look fat, but actually, she is not. This type of malnutrition causes children to swell until their skin splits open. If not helped, she could have died.

Each day, our clinic is growing so much that we are turning away over 150 people, even though we have 8 doctors.

On March 28th, our Jesus Healing Center will be having its 10th anniversary!  We say “thank you to our partners who helped build it,” and thank you to Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope for sponsoring this clinic every month, for ten years!

By Faith, we will be building a new “Jesus Healing Center,” twice as large, in the near future, by Faith! Sherry

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