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Let’s Go to Church!

In Haiti, you don’t have to “drag” the kids to church! Haitian children love church! Right now, especially, with the gangs on the streets, the kidnappings, the robberies, and the lack of security, when Haitians go to church, it is a sacrifice! But well worth it!

Thankfully, our children at Love A Child have a church on our property. One of our young teenagers, “Christian,” loves to play the keyboard and Samuel is on the drums, but other Love A Child children are learning to play musical instruments.

The Haitian Christians have “great faith in God!’ No matter how bad things seem, they will always look on the bright side, and trust God! They are unshakable and immovable! These poor people have humbled me and taught me so much about “having faith in God,” in tough times!!! Bobby and I are so proud to have this calling and have no regrets about being called to Haiti, even at these bad times. So, all those of you “who don’t have to worry about gang members,” thank God today that you can go to church, peacefully!! Have a great day and a blessed day!!!


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