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Medical Staff Housing


We want to give a special thank you to an anonymous family who sponsored the building of our beautiful medical staff house!

All these people stay here, except four, who work here. The road has been too dangerous for the staff to travel back and forth to Port-au-Prince. Many of the staff stay here for four or seven weeks before they risk seeing their family. One staff member just left this week, who has been here for seven months from seeing his family! The medical staff building has helped save the lives of the staff and keeps the Jesus Healing Center, Birthing Center, and Malnutrition Center operating.

In loving memory of “Sophanie Biens-Aime” our Jesus Healing Center lab technician, who was kidnapped on the road just after January 1st along with 15 more employees, plus four of our orphan college students. We believe she fell on the floor of a heart attack in the hands of the “400 Mawozo gang.” We miss her dearly. She loved Jesus…

These last three years we have all worked under almost unbearable conditions. Thank you, for your prayers and support… all the work is going forward. We love you… 

Bobby and Sherry Burnette 

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