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Mertil Schneider’s Story: What Happens When They Don’t Know Jesus…


I just happened to be in our Clinic yesterday to see this man and the condition of his leg. I began talking to him and he firmly believed that someone had put a spell on him which caused his leg to rot. Mertil is a driver who had to drive products through gang territories. (It’s a miracle he wasn’t killed!)

But when his leg got a small infection he did not go to the doctor. For ten months his leg kept getting worse and he refused to go to a Clinic because he said, “My leg is the work of an evil spirit.” After going to many witch doctors, he was finally persuaded to go to our Clinic. Our doctor brought him in immediately and began to clean the leg. He found pieces of tobacco and many other things that were inside the wound! He worked a long time to clean it out!

Mertil has to come back every three days to have the wound cleaned and dressed! This gives us the chance to win him to Jesus! God bless our wonderful staff and our Clinic! We are thankful for the support of Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope for their monthly support!!!


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