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Midwives Educating the Regions Beyond

Early this morning, some of our midwives (Fanm Saj in Creole) left our Birthing Center and traveled high into the mountains of Peyi Pouri to deliver a seminar to the pregnant mothers and those who are delivering babies in that large area. There are two main problems… one problem is that the mothers cannot make the trip down the mountain to come each month to be in our “program” and have regular checkups. Another problem is that those who are delivering babies use a lot of “strange things” in order to make a baby come faster (i.e. “hot peppers” and “strong teas”). It makes the mother’s blood pressure high and causes other things that are so dangerous that babies are born deceased. Our wonderful midwives insisted on going up there to educate the mothers and the few ladies there that deliver the babies. God bless our wonderful midwives, nurses, and all those who work at our Birthing Center!

God bless you!

Bobby and Sherry

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