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Mikael, Always Hard at Work!

Mikael… We always know where to find him!

When Madamn Marie Julien died of childbirth fever, her husband, Antoine was very poor and could not care for a newborn baby, but he did his best. However, he was now malnourished, so they brought him to our orphanage.

Mikael is now 16 and in 11th grade and very intelligent. He has a good sense of humor and likes to tell jokes! He loves to play “dominoes,” and loves to tease his “sisters!” His talent is the “drums” (which are located directly beneath the room where Bobby and I sleep!) Mikael loves music!!!

He is basically a “low stress” teenager, but he is also a hard worker! When we need him, we always know where to find him and his partner, Christian! They are always in the large “Food Distribution Depot,” mopping, cleaning, sweeping, unloading the food and medical supplies that come in, etc… and doing anything we ask them to do!

Mikael’s dream is to be an engineer, but we will see what his next few years are like. His favorite sports are basketball and soccer, but he also is good at dominoes. Whatever he puts his mind to do, he can do it! I hope he always stays the same and never changes, Sherry

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