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Miracle Peanut

I remember the day when I was doing a Mobile Medical Clinic and a father brought me his very malnourished child. The little boy had no hair, skinny skeleton-like arms, and a bloated belly. I picked him up and put him on my lap to talk to him, thinking he was about six years old. “No,” his father said. “He’s fifteen!!” I could not believe it, but when I talked to this young boy, I knew I was not talking to a child, but to an “adult in the body of a child!” His name was Wilner, but I called him “Pistache” (peanut)!

It took several years for his stomach to return to normal size! Pistache had a hard time in life, because he had the body of a small child, yet he could not play with kids his size because he was an adult! He had a hard time in school because his father only could pay for about a year of education, and malnutrition made it difficult for him to pass each year. But he had a very strong motivation for an education! Today, he has completed all classes but one, and is determined to be a success! He loves God with all of his heart, and his job is groundskeeper for the Love A Child Jesus Healing Center clinic!!

Wilner, or “Pistache,” is another miracle that God has blessed us with! If this story has touched your heart, pass it on to someone! Sherry

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