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Needed: Monthly Sponsors for the Birthing Center

We are so blessed with the beautiful new Birthing Center and Women’s Health and Teaching Center. Many of our children at our Love A Child Children’s Home came to us because their mother died during or immediately after childbirth. This was always due to either the poor health of the mother or the “childbirth fever,” as the Haitians call it. Saving the life of a mother in Haiti is so important. She is usually the “breadwinner,” because she sells things for money and also takes care of the children. We cannot afford to lose “one more Haitian mother.” The stories children tell us are so sad. That’s why we have health classes for mothers and why we provide the best of care during delivery. This outreach is costly because the poor cannot afford to pay what it costs us for medicine, doctors, midwives, etc. We really need monthly partners to support the Birthing Center. Please consider a gift of $25 or more, monthly. In return, we’d like to send you a beautiful pink Love A Child t-shirt, especially designed for you. Please call our office right now at 239-210-6107 if you are interested and ask to speak with Rad! Thank you and may God bless you abundantly! Sherry

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