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Never Eat Alone!

There is a Haitian Creole proverb that says, “He who shares their food never eats alone.” Poor Haitians always try to share what little food they have with a neighbor who is hungry. It is the most touching thing I have ever seen…

We also “share our food” with other organizations. We did not have a lot of the Feed My Starving Children rice, but we gave each one of the 90 organizations what we had left, and we bought a container of rice from Miami (good quality). We gave each organization 17 bags which weighed 27 1/2 pounds each, and many other items such as toys, etc.

These pictures came from David Wine, who has a ministry with children. His father, also David Wine, made some gospel tents for us when we were doing evangelistic ministry in the States. It is amazing how God connects us with people in our lives! Bobby and I are so thrilled and so thankful that God has connected you with us together to feed hungry children, save lives, and preach the Gospel! God bless you! Sherry

P.S. As we share our food, God will always take care of us, and we “will never eat alone.”

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