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New LAC TV Program “Where There Is No Path” Begins Today!

Love A Child travels to the mountain village of Mon Oreg, Haiti to feed the hungry children. Their lives are difficult with their hard, manual, and often dangerous labor producing minimal food. Mothers watch their children cry from hunger pains but have no way to change their circumstances. With your generous help, Love A Child is giving these mothers a way out, a hand up. Together, we are feeding them for today, but we are also giving them a stable tomorrow.

We want to invite viewers around the world to tune in this evening to Daystar Television Network at 6:30 p.m. (ET) and then throughout the week. You can also watch us on DIRECTV, DISH Network, Christian Television Network, The Word Network, NRB, and many more local television stations. Check out our full schedule for the best way for you to tune in. You can also watch the program online through our Vimeo and YouTube channels or on our website under the “Media” tab.

Together we are changing lives!

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