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Our Birthing Center… 24/7 We Never Stop!

“Babies Don’t Stop and Neither Do We!”

Our Love A Child Birthing Center was a dream come true… We used to see pregnant women coming to our old “Jesus Healing Center Clinic,” and many times, the mother would give birth right in the yard, while waiting on her turn to see the “doctor.” This happened many times, and this is why Bobby had a heartfelt call to build the Birthing Center. This is a great sacrifice on the part of all who work there… they work holidays, weekends, Christmas day and night to give pregnant women a good, safe, clean, delivery with a healthy baby.

Outside the Birthing Center, nervous fathers, mothers, and relatives wait and rock in “rocking chairs,” on the front porch, with Christian music playing. Our midwives, “called Saj Fans,” in Haiti, are trained and attend a two-year college course. They love seeing a mother give birth in a clean, sanitary room, with professionals at her side, and then, the mother and baby will be transferred to a beautifully clean, recovery room. Food will be sent to the mother and a picture taken with the mother and baby, for her to keep.

This is far better than having a baby born in the dark, on a dirt floor, in a mud hut, with a local lady delivering the baby, using a “rusty razor blade,” or a “tin can lid,” to cut the cord! This is “First Class Care,” for the Lord!! We give all the Glory to the Lord and we are so thankful for this beautiful Birthing Center that our partners helped build! “Babies don’t stop and neither do we!” God bless you, Sherry

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