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Our Florence…

There are four children in the Jeannot family… Julia, Yolande, Franceau and Florence. They were our neighbors when we first moved to Haiti and we lived up in the mountains. Their mother came by our gate almost every day. She was often sick and I gave her food and medicine. When she died, the father of these children came to me and asked me if we would take in these four children because he could not work and take care of the children. We said “YES.” So, we have had Florence since she was a baby. Her sister Julia is a lab tech and works at Love A Child, her sister Yolande teaches kindergarten at Love A Child, and Franceau is in a small restaurant business here with two of our other LAC boys.

After High School, Florence received a partial scholarship at a medical college in Italy to study Radiology. She did very well! In September, she will graduate and be able to look for a job. We are praying that she can find a job in a safe country, instead of Haiti. Florence loves the Lord, is always happy and lovable, and can speak English, French, Italian, and her own language, of course, Creole.

She loves the Lord, loves to sing, and has brought us great joy! Now, we pray that the Lord will open up the right job (hopefully in the States) so that she uses her talent to help others and be a blessing! (The students are not allowed to stay and work in Italy.) We ask all of you who know Florence to be in prayer that she will find the right job, whether it be in the States or Canada. We serve a “big God,” who has a “big plan” for all our “Love A Child” children!

God bless you,

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