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Our “Jesus Healing Center… Love Makes a Difference!”

Due to the problems of all the gangs here in Haiti, many of the poor have no way to sell their items to earn a little money. That little bit is spent on “food alone.” If they had to come to our clinic and pay for a “consultation,” “labs,” and “expensive medicine,” they and their children would remain sick and hungry.

We are so proud of our sweet, caring, gentle staff that respects each and every patient. Our doctors take their time with these patients; there have been many times when we have had to pay for surgeries to save lives!

Our patients receive medical care “from the inside out!” Our caring workers start with Bible scriptures and prayer! We often distribute Bibles, Joyce Meyer booklets, etc. Then after prayer, we have Joyce Meyer video teachings in their language!! They leave with great medicine, physically and spiritually!

None of this would be possible if it were not for Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope! They have sponsored our clinic for many, many years! We would not be able to offer all the “free consultations, medicines, labs, transportation,” and extra things we do without their help!

We are extremely thankful and humbled.

Bobby and Sherry

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