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Madamn Ruth Orelus Found Out How Wonderful Our Jesus Healing Center Is!

She is a poor woman who lives “very high” up in the mountains of Fonds-Verrettes. (This area is very, very high up in the mountains.) She had been suffering for a long time with a bacterial infection and inflammation of her index finger. Her pain became unbearable and she knew she needed to go to a hospital. But, they were far away and in gang areas, and she had no money. Someone told her to come to our “Jesus Healing Center.” When our doctors arrived, they checked her hand and asked the nurse to drain the wound using hydrophilic gases, hydrochloric acid, and antiseptics to wash the wound. She received the best of care, medicines, antibiotics, as well as medications for pain for free. She also received medicine to control the glucose level in her blood. She gives all the “Glory to Jesus!” He is our great physician. He was there, all the time, standing with the doctors, showing them what to do! God bless Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope for making the Jesus Healing Center available to the poor.


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