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Our Maternity Center

Our Love A Child Maternity Center…

Here we are, getting ready for January 1st! Our Birthing Center “never closes!” We are open 365 days of the year, 24/7!

After many years of working in Haiti, about 33 years, we have nearly “seen it all.” It is almost unbelievable that the poor here can survive. It is no wonder that most pregnancies in the mountains end with a newborn baby and a mother who “gave her life” for her baby. When a mother dies, it almost always brings death to the other children.

For years here in Haiti, we have seen what pregnant mothers go through. They cannot afford to go to a Clinic or see a doctor… So, they “believe” what the local midwives tell them… That’s why most mothers die during or after childbirth.

They believe in drinking a special tea that will make the baby come faster. But, they don’t know that this tea can be a “death sentence” by making the blood pressure skyrocket!!!

Our Love A Child Birthing Center is amazing! As soon as you come up the steps outside, you will hear Christian music. You enter, and people are praying… Then each mother visits the doctor or “saj fam.” The mothers are checked very carefully and receive prenatal vitamins and medication. This is all free.

The mothers receive a nice gown, especially made for them, and sandals! They are “treated like a queen!” While they are in our Maternity Clinic, they also receive hot meals free of charge… and when they leave, their baby leaves with nice new clothes!

Special thanks to “Miss Jeanie “ for the robes for the mothers, for the infant baby “one-sies,” and for so much more!

Thank you, partners, for every gift, large or small, that made this beautiful Birthing Center possible.

Bobby and Sherry

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