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Transportation For Pregnant Ladies


Our Birthing Center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Pregnant mothers pay the equivalent of about $1, which includes prenatal and postnatal care with classes. This includes all medicines, delivery of the baby, recovery… everything. If they do not have the dollar, then there is no charge. The mother is charged a dollar because it gives her a sense of pride.

When pregnant women come to our gate, many times we need to rush them to the Delivery Room. Last week, before we could find transportation, the mother had her baby at the gate! This has happened more than once. The vehicle you see here in the picture can be bought here in Haiti for $3,553.00. It will seat four people, which is great for the “future mom and her family.” We want to treat mothers “like a queen!” Love is something you do!

Bobby and Sherry Burnette

This is an urgent need… please help if you can!!!

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