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Our Sweetie Ginyia

This little sweetie is growing up fast! Ginyia is now 9 years old and going into 4th grade! (I thought she was ten, but the room mother told me she was nine.) Her chores are “babysitting little Zoey and Zachary,” cleaning her room, and anything else the moms ask her to do. Her favorite things to play are “running, jumping rope, and dolls!”

Her real name is “very long” and we think her mother was Dominican. This precious woman died during a C-Section. Her father deserted the baby and left for the Dominican Republic. He never returned for the baby. Her 17-year-old cousin tried to care for her, but could not… so Ginyia was brought here from the Department of Social Services for us to raise. Ginyia is usually “quiet…” unless the boys tease her! Ha! She wants to be a nurse. She loves the Lord and loves to sing! The kids call her “Fonton Boulet,” which means “Big Head!” We all love her.


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