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Our Yonel…

We first found Yonel at one of our Mobile Clinics that his grandmother brought him to. He had severe malnutrition and would have died. (His baby sister did die.) We took him home, put him in the hospital for his malnutrition, and sent him through school!

When he grew older, he worked for us as a painter and then got married. He has been working for us full-time as a painter for about three years now! But, about two weeks ago, little baby “Yonel” came along! His daddy is so proud of him and we are so proud of his daddy – Yonel… the little boy who looked like a skeleton. One day, his daddy will tell this little baby the “story of his life,” and how the Lord has taken him out of the mountains during a Mobile Clinic “in the middle of “nowhere!” And, how God has blessed him with an education, a wife, a job, and his little son!

Thank you, partners!!! You saved another life!


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