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Precious Gifts for the Poor

Our Birthing Center is always a place of joy and sharing. We have lots of women attending our “Women’s Health and Awareness” in the morning. Then, the midwives teach about “birth control.” They must come to these classes before being admitted to see the female doctor or midwife. When the classes are finished, we love to give gifts. One important gift is our “Joyce Meyer” booklets in Creole and French. Our Haitian pastor is there to talk about the Lord, give out the gospel booklets, and pray!

We also received some nice gifts from World Vision. These are “hospital pitchers.” (You probably have seen these when you were in a hospital.) To a poor mother, this is a precious gift!! This is something she could never buy! Thank you so much, World Vision, for the wonderful items you recently sent us. We have lots of truckloads of the Hit Promotion gifts going to several of our mountain areas where our schools are!

God bless all of our partners!

Bobby and Sherry

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