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Samuel, the Drummer…

We have “two Samuels” at the Love A Child Children’s Home… The kids call him “Gwo Samuel” or big Samuel. Samuel came from the mountains of Greffiin, Haiti, where we have another mountain school. His father was a poor farmer. His mother died during childbirth. And, his father had a hard time “trying to keep him alive.” He ended up with malnutrition, and that’s when his father had to give him up…

Samuel is a good “big brother.” He is always playing with the kids and is very courteous. He wants to learn English and tries his best to talk to me in English every day. Samuel loves our Agricultural Training Center, and he is often there volunteering. When he gets near the drums, you can “hear his play!!” And he plays the drums in Church. He also loves “drawing.”

He has a part-time job at Love A Child as a painter. He is now in 10th grade and is thinking about becoming an engineer. We love Samuel… He is sweet, kind, obedient, and loving. He is another “zero-stress kid!”


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