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School is Never-ending!

“As soon as school is out, it starts all over again!”

We never get a break from school! As soon as it is over, we have to start measuring all of the kids for school uniforms again! Books are not free, so we will have to buy six to eight books for each child! Most areas of Haiti require the children to have uniforms and “black dress shoes,” or else they cannot go to school. Imagine having to look for “80 pairs” of black dress shoes!!! (You can hardly find them in the States!)

Then, there are backpacks. You may be buying for two or three children but imagine having to buy for 80! We are so thankful for our partners who have helped us with backpacks and dress shoes of any size!!

If you have never thought about “sponsoring a child” in one of the remote areas where we work, please consider this today. Children in the mountains and other poor areas of Haiti cannot afford to pay for school, school uniforms, or shoes! That’s why child sponsorship is so important! You can take a child from a “mud hut” and put them in a beautiful Love A Child Christian School, where there is laughter, education, the knowledge of Jesus, hot meals, and medical care. Most of all, they will know that “someone cares!”

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please go to our website or call our office at 239-210-6107. You may be the “answer to a child’s prayer!” God bless you, Sherry

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