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She’s a Pistol!!

Kristela… What can I say? She’s a pistol and full of energy! She is one unusual kid!!

Here she is smiling, as always, getting ready to prepare chicken in the kitchen. She loves to cook!! She loves to teach praise dances, and she loves Christian music! It is her job to turn on the praise music at 4:40 a.m. and get everyone up! (She likes the #10 loud button!!!) She is “always smiling, always laughing!” Kristela is not afraid to get her hands dirty! She can look pretty, but she will do any job that is asked of her and never complain. She is in high school right now and is considering a job working with children, but she is not the “studying type!” Ha!

We first found Kristela’s mother while doing a Mobile Medical Clinic in Savaan Pit, Haiti, far in the mountains. Her mother was very sick and deeply involved in Voodoo, along with her grandmother. We won her mother to the Lord, but she died 12 days later after giving birth to Kristela. A short time later, her father arrived at our orphanage and asked us to take her because he could not care for her. She had severe malnutrition, but after a lot of good care and love, she has survived. We all love Kristela. Our home would be “very quiet” without her! Ha!


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