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The Story of Dorius Viergine 

For the people of Haiti, living here is a “life risk” every day. At the moment, there are no jobs and more unemployment, hunger, gangs, and sudden death. Haitian people are living with sadness, discouragement, and grief on a daily basis. Madamn Dorius Viergine is 22 years old. She came to our Birthing Center from Boulay, which is a village inside the area of Fond Parisien. Her mother and father died when she was a year old. All her life, her job has been to wash clothes for other people, and then go to work in the field under the hot sun.

At 22, she met a man whom she thought could take her out of her misery. When she became pregnant, her husband lost all hope because he was barely making a living. He only made enough money for himself and Dorius to eat a little each day. He had no money to pay a doctor or a clinic for the baby coming. They lost all hope! Someone told them about the Love A Child Birthing Center where they will not pay a dime, but they will have consultations, find all the medicine they need, and will have their baby in a beautiful Christian atmosphere. They will even be able to get a birth certificate for their baby, and this is a complicated thing for the poor here in Haiti.

Yesterday, she gave birth to a baby boy, weighing 2.7 kilos. She has no money for clothes for the baby, but our Love A Child partners sent in nice baby clothing, blankets, and anything the baby needs. (This kit came from B. Gagnon! Thank you so much!!!) For a poor mother and father to have a baby born in a maternity clinic, that only rich people could go to, is a dream come true! We treat all the poor as though they are rich!

For those of you who sponsor our Birthing Center each month, thank you! You can see the joy on this mother’s face and know that “you put that smile on her face!”

God bless you and thank you.




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