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The Story of June Rubena Ariste, Born 10/29/2022

June Rubena Ariste is a newcomer to the Love A Child Malnutrition Center on 8/9/2023.

(This is a story from the Director of our Clinics, Louis Nixon.)

At around 9 AM on the morning of 8/9/2023, there were about seventy patients that we received in the Jesus Healing Center Clinic. Among them very warmly received was June Rubana Ariste, a little adopted baby girl born on 10/29/2022. She was chaperoned by Mr. Jiorilus Ariste Junior, 33 years old, who is an electrician and construction mason, and Mrs. Sainma Aceline, 23 years old, whose occupation is in cosmetology. These are the two adopted parents of baby June Rubena Ariste.

They rode on a motorcycle from the commune of Ganthier in a small town near us, except they live in a small village (Tikay Ezekiel) which was built for indigent people after Georges and Gordon in the commune of Fon Verrettes in the years between 2001-2004. A village that has emerged on the still gaping scars of the most recent disaster that hit Haiti at that time. Sadness, desolation, and trauma are not enough to describe the situation that resulted in the population of this village here in Ganthier, Haiti on National Road #8.

If you look at the forehead of the baby, she has a pigmented skin lesion (naevus) that usually develops when they are born. So after several examinations of June Rubena Ariste at the Jesus Healing Center Clinic by our nurses, the results of the laboratory tests confirmed that this child suffers from severe acute malnutrition characterized by a weight of 3.9 kg (equivalent to under four), a height of 59 cm, and a wrist measurement of 11 mm that our nurses used a PBMH tape 9 brachial perimeter at half height. Recognizing this as very serious, we have to take this baby to our Malnutrition Center to offer the necessary treatment and medical assistance. She will be fed foods based on peanuts and plumpy-nut, and drink milk three times a day. In addition to that, she will benefit from therapeutic foods and careful monitoring of her health so that she can reach good signs, and improve the proper functioning of her health. We are delighted to have your support. Thanks to your donations, we were able to achieve these goals and continue to work forward. You make a big difference to us, and we really appreciate it!

Louis Nixon

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