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Saving Baby Nelson…

Little Nelson was born in a very mountainous area called “Mingrette,” Haiti. This little baby is with his mother, Madamn Fanilia Cila, age 35. (The harsh life this mother suffered has made her look much older than 35.) We were told about this little toddler by one of our workers. They have four children, but Nelson was malnourished and near death, and they had no money to take him to a hospital.

“No Room in the Inn…”
We have a “Health Agent” named “Timon.” His job is, after receiving a child, to follow the family back home, see where they live, what kind of condition they are in, meet the neighbors, and find out “where are the child’s nearest relatives?” We do this because many times, a parent wants to “drop off” a sickly baby in hopes we will take them into our orphanage… but as we have told them, “There is no room in the Inn.”

On May 19th, this mother came to our Jesus Healing Center with her baby named Nelson. They were brought down by our “Health Agent,” and after the doctors examined him, they knew quickly that he had to be taken to our Malnutrition Clinic. He had “severe malnutrition,” vomiting, high fever, extreme weakness, and difficulty moving his arms and legs. He had “no strength” whatsoever! This baby only weighed 6.2 kg. His height was 67 cm and his wrist 44 mm, and they immediately went into “saving baby” mode! After just two weeks in our Malnutrition Center, he began to improve! After several months, he was allowed to go home! His parents were so happy!

Each month, his father will come down and he will take back a box of “Feed My Starving Children Food” to his children. Special thanks to Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope for helping us build and furnish this wonderful Malnutrition Clinic, and also for sponsoring the monthly costs for our Jesus Healing Center! And, God bless all our wonderful partners, who love the children of Haiti!


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