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Sweet & Kind!

Raphael… He is the brother of Ada and Bianca. They are originally from Cap-Haitien. Their aunt brought them to us many years ago, because their mother could not take care of them. This has been their “home” ever since.

Raphael is 12 years old but “big” for his age! (He loves to eat!) He is in the 7th grade in school and always gets good grades! He’s super obedient… You only have to tell him something “one time!” He is sweet and kind and a good worker!! He loves to sketch, and he also loves music and singing!!! When he has spare time, he works with Joker, the mechanic! (All of the boys love Joker!!)

We are blessed to have Raphael in our “family!!” He doesn’t know exactly what he wants to be, but I can see him attending college and becoming “something great!” Sherry

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