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Construction of the New Malnutrition Center

Our Haitian construction crew is still working very, very hard on our new Malnutrition Center. It is being built right beside the new Birthing Center and across the street from the new Jesus Healing Center. These accommodations will be “live in” rooms, where mothers can stay with their toddlers and infants until they reach their desired weight. It is difficult for poor mothers to be away from their families and stay with a sick child, but we will be able to send food home to the family and also help the mother learn a trade while she is here caring for her child.

When one person has a job or a trade, they feed ten people. Food is what they need “right now” to survive on, but they need jobs for the future.

Thank you for your prayers and special thanks to Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope for sponsoring the cost of building the new Malnutrition Center! This is just another one of God’s great miracles!!! Praise God! Bobby and Sherry

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