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Thank You, MAP International

Today we want to say a special “thank you” to MAP International for their donation of wonderful medicines. Many of these medicines were used in our Mobile Medical Clinic in Old Letant.

Yesterday we conducted a Mobile Medical Clinic in the village of Old Letant. This mud hut village is not far from our Jesus Healing Center, but they are a “different breed” of Haitians… They never leave their village to come to our clinic for any kind of treatment. They will have a severe burn, a broken arm, an abscess, but unless I am there to put them in my truck and take them to our clinic, they will not make the effort. So, as Dr. Barthelemy says, “We take the clinic to the people.” The drive to Old Letant is something you won’t forget. The flooding and lack of trees have cut into the original road and now “what used to be the road” looks like a small “Grand Canyon!” Driving into the village, all you see is mud huts… lots and lots of them.

We conducted the Mobile Medical Clinic inside our Love A Child Church and School, which was sponsored by one of our partners, David and Angie George, and their friends. We had a large crowd and brought in our “local security” (the guys in the orange shirts). With us, we had Jessica Lackey, a new Love A Child missionary, and some of our Love A Child kids (Dieuferly, George, Widlene, Dimelia, Fabienne, and Roselyne). They worked in the MAP pharmacy, and Roselyne explained the medicines.

Everyone who came was treated by two of our Haitian doctors. We also had a wound care area and a prayer area, where Bobby prayed and gave the children candy. You can see the happy faces of a mother with her children and bags of medicines, and another family with children and their medicines.

Due to the violence in Haiti, we have been unable to bring in volunteer teams, but we did what we could with a small team. Most of the medicines were donated by our friends at MAP International. We also want to thank our partners and friends who helped us purchase additional medicines and helped to sponsor this clinic.

More about this wonderful Mobile Medical Clinic to come… God bless you, MAP International, and God bless you, our special friends who helped!!! Bobby and Sherry

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