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The Noel Twins

Davidson and David Noel are twins. On Christmas Eve, years ago, an elderly lady named Grandma Noel, came across the mountains on foot with another family member, an uncle. They were carrying twin babies (boys) in their arms. The mother had died in childbirth and their father could not care for them. She had been feeding both babies “salt water,” because she had no sugar to make sugar water. Their throats were nearly closed shut. We took them in, but they almost died.

Davidson is 20 years old and in college studying cinematography. He is “very good” with his camera. We first named Davidson, “Jonathan,” and his brother “David,” but when you have twins in Haiti they must “give both children names” that are similar. So, they changed Jonathan to Davidson on his birth certificate! Davidson is very intelligent, kind, and loves soccer!! He is another good kid!!


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