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“Those Who Share Their Food, Never Eat Alone…”

This is a Haitian Creole Proverb… It means that “when you share your food, a time will come when you will need food, and someone will share with you…”

Jesus said the same thing, in a different way… “Give, and it shall be given unto you…” – Luke 6:38

People who give, and share what they have, are always blessed! And in times of need, they too will receive. I was raised with an alcoholic father, but a Saint of a mother. She always shared food with others, even when we were “barely making it.” But, times came around and we often found ourselves with nothing to eat… Sure enough, a neighbor would knock on our door with milk, or bread, or meat, etc. saying, “I thought you might be needing this…”

So, remember this little Haitian Creole Proverb… and you will see blessings coming. “Those who share their food, never eat alone…”

Have a great day.


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