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The Story of Baby Yveline

Baby Yveline is just one of the many lives that “you” have made an impact on! In fact, you can say, “I helped save Baby Yveline’s life!”

Her parents had a hard time finding food for this child. There were often days “with no food at all,” and when they were able to buy something, it was not good food… just something to keep her from crying… like crackers. When her parents thought she was “near death,” they decided to take her to our Jesus Healing Center!

Immediately, she was in such a horrible condition that they took her to our E.R. After an exam, they decided she could not go home, even with the medicines they gave her, for other causes.

She was sent immediately to our Malnutrition Clinic! Here, she received the best of care… F-75 Milk and F-100 Peanut Butter, which both come from overseas. She was fed many times a day with small meals… Slowly, over a period of time, she began to recover!!

After the time she spent receiving care at the center, her health condition gradually improved. She received a special milk F-75 or F-100 preparation and a special peanut butter made for this “baby who was closest to death”. She would take small nutritious meals very often until she gradually gained weight. When her parents saw her, they were shocked! She was laughing, giggling, playing, and teasing everyone! She was such a sweetie that we all wanted to keep her! She gained 8.7 kg (about 19 pounds) in the time she was in our Malnutrition Clinic.

Thank you so much! You have impacted so many little lives in Haiti, and Yveline is just one!!

God bless you,


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