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Their Tears Are Their “Three Meals a Day…”

With all four corners of the country in Haiti in “lock-down,” many of the clinics have closed their doors. This could be due to gang violence all around the clinic or hospital, or it could be because people are afraid to travel on the streets because of the gangs. Some Haitians said, “When they enter our Clinic, they know they are not dead because now, they have a chance to live.”

The majority of Haitians are poor and have no jobs, and those that have jobs, cannot go to work because there is no fuel left in the country! Even when their children are sick, they cannot take them to the hospital because they have no money.

Little Phanaika is four months old. Her mother, Madamn Pierre, is from Nakou, a village not far from us. With five children, life is very difficult [for her] in Haiti… Madamn Pierre had put little Phanaika in her “basket” on the ground and went into the kitchen to try to find food for her four-year-old, who was crying. While Madamn Pierre was there trying to comfort her four-year-old, a thoughtful neighbor brought her some “bean sauce” for the children. It was “boiling hot!”

The little four-year-old was so hungry; she grabbed the bowl of “boiling hot sauce!” She started to drink it and screamed because it burned her hands. She dropped the hot bean sauce on the baby! For five days, the baby suffered, screaming from the burns, but Madamn Pierre had no money for a doctor or medicine. So, she crushed rice and eggshells and smothered them into the burns! When she saw that the child was growing worse, she didn’t know what to do until someone told her about our Jesus Healing Center!

As soon as she arrived, she was taken to Wound Care, and there, Dr. Leneus Etzer was there to take over. He had to remove all the “crusted, dry rice, and the eggshells” that had been mixed in also! It was very painful for the baby and tough for the doctor and nurses. He cleaned her so well and afterward put Silvadene on it and gave her pain medicine.
She was given other medicines to take home and told to come back to be checked.

We don’t know what we would do without the monthly support of Joyce Meyer Ministries – Hand of Hope!

And, special thanks to our friends at MAP International for all that great medicine!!! Each time we get a pallet, it’s like “opening presents at Christmas!”

Thank you, partners, for caring for the sick and for feeding the hunger here in Haiti. We need you now, more than ever before.

God bless you,
Bobby and Sherry

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