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Update on Baby Garvens

You may remember the very sick baby, Garvens Michel who was brought to our clinic by his young mother Lolita Michel. The baby was about six months old according to his mother. Garvens was malnourished and extremely dehydrated. Our doctors put him on IVs and then transferred him to a very good hospital, Petit Fre ak Se (Little Brothers and Sisters). We gave Lolita money for food, medicine, and anything else they might need.

But, when the ambulance arrived the hospital was full and could not accept him. Our ambulance driver took him to La Paix Hospital. His grandmother had to go with him because, by this time, his young mother was sick. He was there just a short time and then died. He was just “too far gone,” the doctors said.  Usually, children with malnutrition can be saved if they get help in time, but treating these children can take months.

We will soon be opening our new Malnutrition Center so we can help Haiti’s suffering children. We want to thank  Joyce Meyer MinistriesHand of Hope, for sponsoring the cost of building our Malnutrition Center.

God bless all our friends and partners who pray for us each day,

Sherry Burnette

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