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Update on Daniel (Twin of Daniella)

In Haiti, nothing is easy… and finding the right doctor is sometimes harder than you think. This is Daniel, the twin of Daniella… both are now 17. Daniel has always been the sickly, weak, and frail baby. We didn’t think he would live. Actually, there were supposed to be “triplets” instead of twins, but the mother never knew she would have triplets or twins.

When she reached the General Hospital, there were gangs in the streets and someone stood in front of the hospital with a gun and told her to leave! She did… and when she got home she gave birth to two frail babies, and the last one died with her.

Daniel has always been “thin and sickly,” but his right eye is the main problem. We have sent him to eye doctors thinking he needed glasses, but it turns out that he has a serious eye disease. We want to send him to the Dominican Republic, where the best eye doctors are. But first, we have to get his Visa. To get that, we have to have his original Birth Certificate, authorized and notarized.

That means, the Government of Haiti has to put a bunch of legal stamps on it and they get paid for doing this. It requires going downtown to a dangerous area. This may take two weeks or more. When we get this done, we take it to the Border of the Dominican Republic and pay the Border Fees for his Visa.

All this may take a month or more because everything moves slowly in Haiti, especially now. We are so excited about the plan to send Daniel to the Dominican Republic and we want to thank our “special missionary” Jesse Ostrander for getting all this lined up for Daniel!

We will then know what the problem is and what we can do for him. Thanks so much to all of our wonderful partners who help sponsor the children from our “Children’s Home!!!” They are the future of Haiti!!! God bless you!


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