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Update on Danielo

“Danielo” (Daniel) came from the village of Old Letant. His mother had died and his father was caring for him, but someone hit his father in the head with a large rock and he died… leaving the village people to care for him. This was a poor village and everyone tried to give him enough to stay, but they begged us to take him… and we did.

Danielo was a strange little boy. When we first sent him to school, he would not stay in his chair. The teacher even tied him to his chair, but he always escaped and wandered around. I would say it was a “spiritual problem,” but thank God, he became better. He struggles in school because he does not like school. He does not work well in groups and is better “one-to-one.”

He really has a sweet personality and will do anything he is told, and is working hard, but still struggles more than the other children in school. Since we have two “Daniels” the kids call him Danielo. He has his own little personality and is a really sweet boy. If you give him a job and compliment him on his good work, he will always do better. We love him…

All our children here are “different.” That is why God sent them this way to us. Sherry

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