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“God Cannot Lie”

Have you ever felt in your heart that God was going to do something in your life? Maybe it was a “calling,” or maybe you were praying about a marriage or a job, and God brought it to pass. His Word is so powerful, that GOD CANNOT LIE! You may think that you can run from God, but you cannot. Once God puts His finger on your life and calls you to do something, you cannot run, and you cannot hide from God.

Years ago, Bobby and I began our ministry preaching on the street corners to the poor in African American communities. (They were the only ones that would let us preach on the street corners. Thank the Lord!) Sometimes, we ministered in small churches. Offerings were low because the people themselves were poor. We just always thought we would be doing “evangelistic work.”

One time, when our children were very small, we were in a little church in Melbourne, Florida. The church had a lady pastor, and she was such a woman of God. They were having a revival and we went to hear the evangelist. On about the second night, the evangelist was preaching and suddenly, he pointed to “a young couple,” and asked us to stand up. He did not know us at all, but he began to tell us that God was going to use us in another area of ministry. He said, “I see you in a foreign country with many little black children around you in a two-story orphanage.” Bobby and I sat down in shock! We didn’t talk until we got to our car. We said, “Well, that will never come to pass. We don’t know anything about a foreign country, and we would never have an orphanage!” We thought that maybe he was a false prophet… We just “set that experience on the shelf.” We didn’t even think about it until time went on by.

Years later, we moved to Haiti, started an orphanage in a small, rented house, and then built our big, two-story orphanage in Fond Parisien. We were on the top balcony one evening, looking out at the children playing, and all of a sudden, it hit us both! It was like the Lord said, “Don’t ever doubt my Word!”

“God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent…” Numbers 23:19 

The Lord will always keep His promise. He will always keep His word! Have a wonderful day!


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