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Update on Dieuferly

Dieuferly has been suffering with his feet for years, due to some bad “clubfoot” surgery when he was a child. He has been in pain almost every day of his life.  One of our good friends found a wonderful doctor in the Dominican Republic. The day came when we were supposed to send Dieuferly, but his contact for the surgery grew sick, so his appointment was canceled. Dieuferly now has another appointment on the 30th. This will be the first “evaluation,” and hopefully will get Dieuferly on the right path for surgery to find help for his feet.

He will have an operation to install that special brace that has a wheel attached. He will have to turn the wheel every day and have the brace for eight months. Then they will plan another evaluation for the other foot. We love Dieuferly so much. We traveled eight hours by truck and mule to bring him home. He is so sweet and kind, and now he is studying video editing. Please pray for Dieuferly.


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