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Word from the Mission Field

“Be Thankful… Not Boastful.” II Kings 20:14-21

When the Lord richly blesses us, it is so important to give God the praise but not to be boastful. When we are boastful in front of others, it creates a “spirit of jealousy,” which grows and grows. It is always wise to give God praise for what he has done, but be careful not to show people everything, especially your enemies.

God had richly blessed King Hezekiah with much silver, gold, and precious spices, beyond imagination. He had heard that the kings of Babylon were coming to pay him a visit, and King Hezekiah thought, “They think they are rich? I’ll show them what ‘rich’ really means!”

“And King Hezekiah showed them all the house of his precious things… there was nothing in his house, nor in his dominion that Hezekiah shewed them not.” Immediately after they left, Isaiah the prophet came and told King Hezekiah all the horrible things that would come to pass and how his country would be carried away into Babylon’s captivity, all because he could not keep his mouth shut!! Let’s always be “humbly thankful,” and not boastful, especially in front of our enemies. Have a great day!


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