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Update on the Condition of Haiti

This morning, Pastor Mark Ostrander left for the airport at 6:00 a.m. He passed through three burning roadblocks and one area where they were throwing rocks at cars. He made it to the airport, thanks to the Lord. Philemond, who is our driver, is the best, and he knows how to pass through the roadblocks or take the back roads.

It has not been a good day in some of the large cities of Haiti. They tell me that Petionville is being marched on right now. There’s no telling what is happening there. One thing that I do know is it’s not good. Some of our Love A Child employees have still not been able to come to work because of roadblocks and violence. The opposition is paying off the gangs, etc., to march, set buildings on fire, and cause havoc. The bottom line is that they want President Jovenel Moïse to resign. He says that he will not resign. They say this will not stop until the president resigns. The opposition has spent millions on this, and they will not stop now. The result is that businesses have closed, and it’s difficult to travel anywhere. The poor are hurting, and the Haitian businessman is hurting.

Sherry and I have lived here for 27 years, and we have never seen so many people, especially children, hungry. It breaks our hearts into pieces. The poor are desperate for food. No one has any cash. The price of beans and rice, their staple diet, has doubled in price. We were able to send our last two pallets of food up to Peyi Pouri last night, in the middle of the night, so the robbers would not see the people carrying their food. The people were begging for food…

Our Kingdom Connection Food Distribution Center is empty. We have no food. Haitian Customs has not opened yet, and we don’t know when it will. We are praying that very soon we can start buying food from the Dominican Republic when we have some money to do so…

Pray for Haiti, the children, us, the other missionaries, the government, the president, and all of those in authority. Jesus is the only answer… To see pictures and the latest news, go to Google and search the news in Haiti. May the Lord give the wisdom to straighten this mess out… Haiti is in a political, economic, fuel, and food crisis, and it’s only getting worse. Bobby Burnette

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