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Update on Wadson Paul

Haiti is in a food crisis.

The political problems here and the danger cannot be understood unless you lived here. This is little Wadson Paul. Our Love A Child staff found him in the mountains and brought him to our Jesus Healing Center Clinic.

He looked to be 12 months old, but was actually age three. His father had left; his mother had died, and he now lived with a woman who had eight kids. She could not feed him. He was so bad off, we had to send him to Petit Fre ak Se Hospital for children.

We hired a Haitian woman from Pastor Souffrance’s church to stay with him. Three weeks later, he was laughing, standing, and playing! He was constantly kissing and hugging the church lady who was caring for him!! We believe he will be taken care of by this wonderful lady. Please remember Wadson Paul in your prayers.


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