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What Happened at 2:00 a.m.?

It was 2:00 a.m., and I heard my Haitian phone ringing. They never call unless it is an emergency.

Our security guard said, “Come quickly. A baby has been left in the weeds.”

This has happened to us before. Bobby and I drove down, and there in the bushes was this baby that looked like he was about two. He was cold and crying. His mother had pushed him to the dark side where there was no light. She had left him in a broken-down stroller. I picked him up and he seemed as though he had just had a seizure… he was grinding his teeth.

We took him immediately to our Malnutrition Center Clinic, where our nurses began to examine him. His head was abnormally large, and he was handicapped in some ways. He was the type of baby that a poor mother with other children, would have a hard time caring for him. We have seen this type before.

Today, after the doctor sees him, we will decide what is best for him.

Legally, he has to go to Social Services first, or else we could be accused of kidnapping him. After Social Services, we know of a wonderful Handicap Orphanage, that we sponsor each month and give food to. If they can take him, he will have the best life possible here in Haiti.

This is a country where we constantly hear “the cry of the poor.” Sherry

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