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Wonderful Gifts for Mothers and Babies!

We wish to thank our friends who help us so much with the Birthing Center. First of all, special thanks to MAP International, for all the pregnancy vitamins. We had to reassure the mothers that the vitamins would give them good health! Haitians don’t understand some things… they first thought the vitamins would make the babies “grow big,” in their bellies, and they were thinking about giving birth to a twelve-pound baby!!! Ha! We assured them that the vitamins would give the mothers strength to deliver their babies and good health to both! Ha!! All is well!

We also received “Birthing Kits” from many friends. These were from K-Ville Assembly of God. We know you all worked very hard getting all these items together! The babies love everything and so do the moms!

We will post other blessings coming in from time to time!!! The moms, their babies, and all of us here appreciate everything so much!!! God bless everyone!!! Sherry

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