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Word from the Mission Field

“The Calling”

Haitian children are precious. The mountain children begin working from the time they can walk. They learn how to carry things on their heads while walking with their mother. The boys begin to help their father (if they have one) at a young age too. Many mountain children do not eat even one meal a day. They are small for their age, and many have malnutrition. Most of these children will not go to school because their parents can barely afford food, let alone the cost of school and school uniforms. And little girls like this will be thin, frail, and anemic. There are no free government healthcare programs for the poor, nothing. They are barely existing from day to day.

We are so thankful that the Lord allowed us to be “chosen” for this work. “For many are called, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22:14) We are so thankful, with all our hearts, that God has sent us partners to stand with us, so that we can continue to “answer the call.” This is the call of the poor…

God bless you,
Bobby and Sherry

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