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Rebecca… Much younger than she looks

Beautiful, graceful Rebecca is 12 years old and in 8th grade. It is just a miracle of God that she ended up here in our Children’s Home. Our Director, Nelio Barthelemy, had heard about a little girl that was about to be sold as a “restavek slave child.” She was only three.

Nothing is known about her parents, but her hair and skin color make us think that her father was Dominican and perhaps married to a Haitian.

We are thankful that Nelio “rescued” this beautiful little girl from the hands of evil people. He had found the home where she was being kept and brought her to our home.

Today, Rebecca doing quite well. She has glasses that she needs for schoolwork. (Well, she might not need them. Haitian kids like to wear glasses because it is a sign of an intelligent person, but we will just say, “she needs them for schoolwork.”)

She is hard-working, sweet, compassionate, and is always helping others. Her main love is “Praise Dances.” In the picture, she is the one out front in the white dress. Her movements are “perfect,” and we are astonished at her dance and her hand movements. Yet, her face says, “I’m doing this as unto the Lord.” We love to watch her dance!

Her goal in life is to be a dentist because she does not like to see people suffer… She’s a keeper! We all love Rebecca!


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