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Word from the Mission Field

“When all hope is taken away.”

In Acts 27 Apostle Paul is a prisoner of the Gospel. He had done nothing wrong but his preaching stirred up the Jews. When he went before King Agrippa, the king sent him on to Italy. They had to travel by ship. Apostle Paul had a “word from the Lord.” He told them that this voyage “will be with hurt and much damage… also of our lives.” They found themselves trapped inside a “hurricane” on the water! It was like a “cat 4,” and they were on a ship, right in the middle of it! “And when neither sun nor stars in many days appeared, all hope that we might be saved, was then taken away.” Acts 27: 20

Have you ever had “all of your hope” taken away? I have. Bobby and I have, many times. You can’t breathe, you feel like you have waves crashing over you and think, “this can’t be possible.” And if you have never faced that feeling, it is beyond words. If you lose hope, you will sink. You may have to “throw some stuff overboard,” but you’re going to come through this!! “Jesus is the master of every storm in your life!” He’s been in the ship with you all the time! This too, will pass! You WILL come through! Yes, you will!!


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